About Me

Hi, I'm Olivia

I’m the Registered Dietitian behind Nourished Nest Nutrition. I'm a mom living in Ottawa, Canada. I love cooking, gardening, reading, and sharing meals with family and friends. 


As a mom I can understand how confusing parenting can be, how much misinformation is out there, and how easy it is to feel like you're doing everything wrong. Having my own child has helped to amplify my passion for helping parents to nourish their little ones. I want to help you bring joy to mealtimes without worrying about perfection.


I hope to inspire you to think differently about feeding yourself and your children and feel empowered on this beautiful journey of parenthood.

My Philosophy

I believe in trusting children to listen to their bodies and build healthy, mindful eating habits from the start. Setting up a positive foundation for intuitive eating at an early age will lead to healthier adults. My approach is to focus on building happy mealtime memories around simple, nutrient-dense foods.

Professional Information

Registered Dietitian - The College of Dietitians of Ontario

Member of the International Infant Nutrition Network of Dietitians


Master of Health Science - Ryerson University

Dietetic Internship Practicum - Ryerson University

Bachelor of Applied Science - The University of Guelph

Dietitians of Canada Member of The Consulting Dietitians Network

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