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Nutrition for babies & toddlers

 Joyful mealtimes for families

Navigating your way through parenthood can be challenging but feeding your family doesn’t have to be.

Let me help guide you in nourishing your children with confidence.

Whether you are introducing solid foods to your baby or struggling with mealtimes with your toddler, my mission is to empower you to find joy in your journey.

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Hi, I'm Olivia

I'm a Registered Dietitian and a mom. I specialize in nutrition for babies and toddlers.

I believe children can grow a positive connection with food from the first bite, and beyond.


My vision is to empower families to help their children develop lifelong mindful eating habits. As a registered dietitian, the information I provide is current and evidence-based. As a mom, I also understand that it has to be realistic.


Work with me on your journey to raise healthy little eaters who love food!

let's get started.

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